Dr. Feeney is no longer accepting new patients as she has partially retired as of June 6.  She will continue to do LDN consults after July 4, 2016 but will not be doing manual manipulation at her clinic.  To schedule an LDN appointment or yearly LDN renewal appointment, call Amy Fretz at 317-914-9615 or Dr. Feeney at 719-216-4462.


However, if you would like to travel to New Orleans to see Dr. Feeney for a treatment,  contact Amy Fretz at 317-914-9615 for an appointment. 


Dr. Feeney refers patients to the following Indiana physicians:

  • Dr. Daniel G. Williams, D.O. He is located in Marian University, Indianapolis, IN.  He serves on the faculty of the Osteopathic School.  He also does manual manipulation.  Call  317-957-9050 to schedule an appointment. 


  • Dr. William S. Nall, D.O. 11530 Allisonville Rd. #165, Fishers, IN 317-491-5272.




You may wish to obtain your chart to take with you for follow-up care from other physicians.  To do this, you need to sign a release; contact Amy Fretz at 317-914-9615  or docfeeneydesk@gmail.com to obtain the release.   You can also download this form from our "services webpage".  Look for the PDF file at the top of the page. 


 May you find peace and health in your journey.  It has been a pleasure to work with you. 


Dr. Tamzon Feeney, D.O.

Amy Fretz, R.N.



For years Dr. Feeney has dealt with the complex medical issues of infants, children, and adults. Many patients feel they have fallen through the cracks of traditional medical care and we try to remedy this. We are committed to listening to your concerns and treating you in an honest and open way. 


Our focus is to assist you with chronic, long-term, difficult, or unusual problems for which you or your child have not been able to obtain any relief. Every patient seen in the clinic is treated with osteopathic manipulative techniques. Prescriptions for medicine are written when needed.  We provide prescriptions for Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for one year at a time.  Please see our information under "services".


We do not provide medical care that you can routinely receive from your family doctor or primary care physician. You will need your regular physician to manage diabetes care, pap smears, well baby care, immunizations, and blood pressure monitoring. We do not perform routine laboratory tests; however, we do write prescriptions for some lab tests or x-ray testing. You can take these prescriptions to the lab or radiology department of your preference. 

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