What can I expect from a clinic appointment?

Your appointment will take approximately 1 hr and 15 minutes if you are a new patient.  If you are coming for a follow up it will take about 1 hour.    


During your appointment Dr. Feeney will take a complete history and physical.  She will spend time listening to you as you describe your health history.   She will ask you about your symptoms and the treatments you have tried.   She will assess your body.  


Once she finishes gathering your information and assessing your body she will treat your body with her hands.  If you need labwork she will give you a prescription to take to the lab of your choice.  Sometimes Dr. Feeney will give you a prescription for medication to take to your pharmacy. 


How do I prepare for my appointment? 
You should wear loose fitting clothing for your appointment.  If you have medical records you can bring them with you to your appointment.  


What do I do if I need to cancel an appointment? 
If you need to cancel or change your appointment and more than 24 hours before your appointment please call Amy at 317-914-4462.  If it is 24 hours or less before your appointment please call the emergency cancel line at 317-216-4462.  
How does the LDN consult process work?
 During your consult Dr. Feeney will take a complete history and physical.  She will create a chart for you.  She will discuss your health history at length. After your appointment she will call your prescription into a compounding pharmacy.  The cost for the medication is about $46 for a 3 month supply. She will give you a prescription for 90 pills with 3 refills. In other words you will be receving enough medication to last about a year.  She will discuss follow up with your during your appointment. If you have questions or concerns during your treatment you can call our number at anytime.   

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